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Fall/Winter "Peace Of Mind" Air Quality Testing Special $189*
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Mold Inspection, Remediation & More in Chicago

Keep Your Family Healthy

At Mold Pro Chicago, we’re dedicated to our customers, their health, and their property. Mold not only threatens your home value, but it also presents health risks and can lead to costly repairs.

We bring you the industry’s top mold experts and leverage our cutting-edge knowledge of mold inspection and remediation to protect customers throughout the Chicago area.

Our goal is to prevent mold and remove it from homes, schools, and businesses. Our certified inspectors and professional staff will lead you through the entire process, from start to finish, ensuring you receive the best service and achieve optimal results.

From our free, in-depth visual mold inspection, to laboratory testing and treatment, we follow a proven method for success. We can address mold growth in the early phases and treat more extensive mold growth. Whether we need to remove and rebuild or simply take preventive measures, Mold Pro Chicago brings you experience and results that you can count on.

As a family-owned and -operated, faith-based business, we make your needs our own. We are committed to using only environmentally friendly products and methods, putting the community first and ensuring a safe working environment. We encourage those in Chicago, Oak Lawn, Oak Forest, Burbank, and residents from surrounding areas to browse our site to learn more about our mold inspection, remediation, and company goals. 

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*The Summer/Fall "Peace Of Mind" Air Quality Testing Special will include two air samples, a visual inspection, a lab report two days later and a mold remediation proposal, if one proves necessary. $85 for each sample after the first two.

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